The room’s a/c system

I recently decided that I needed to search for a new place of residence. Right now, I live in a little townhome that I rent yearly from a pretty nice guy who is a pretty great property owner. To be frank, I am not that picky about where I live. There are just three things that I honestly want in a home. I want the convenience of a guest bathroom, a good sized laundry room, as well as a reasonably efficient air conditioning system. I want the air conditioning system to be able to keep up with the demand of a hot climate without costing me a fortune in energy costs. I want the laundry room to have at least three air vents for the air conditioning system to be able to get in there as well as keep it cool while I am in there. I want the temperature control to be modern, and although it does not have to have a smart thermostat, that would be nice. Doing laundry is a sweaty chore, so I want a place that I can be comfortable, with an air conditioning system able to fend off the heat of the dryer as well as the washer. I realize that I am a bit strange in my random request for a cool, well-air conditioned laundry room; however, it is just pressing to me. I do not often have guests over for lunch or supper, so the conveniences of efficient Heating as well as A/C, and a laundry room with its own air conditioning system are just more pressing to me than a spacious living room or sizable bedrooms. I have people over to supper rarely; and, in contrast, I do laundry twice a week! To me, it makes sense to have a good air conditioning system to keep you cool in summertime as well as a good heating system to keep you cozy in the long winter.

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