The pollen is a big time issue

I have experiences severe allergies since I was a child.  At any point of the year I can have allergy attacks that leave me incapacitated.  Regardless of where I go and what the weather is like, it doesn’t seem to make a difference. There are times that I can go into a intense sneezing fit. This is why I rely so heavily on my HVAC system to filter out all of the external allergens. I have the highest grade filter which filters out the most minute particles just in case an allergen is that small. I am also allergic to the dust in my home so I am diligent about keeping it very clean.  Thankfully, any dust that I kick up in the process will be sucked up by our HVAC system’s filtration system and I won’t have to deal with it. The only bad thing about my HVAC system is that dust will inevitably collect in the ducts the only way to clean them is to call a professional. but fortunately for me, my local HVAC professional is really quick at cleaning the system and one of the friendliest people I know. Since I have yearly maintenance I have also scheduled duct cleanings every couple of years because my allergies are so bad. Without the maintenance and duct cleanings, I would have all sorts of things floating all around my lake house and I would have nowhere to hide from my allergies. I regularly watch the weather to check for the pollen count and recently it has been up above normal which is absurd, regardless of how much pollen is in the air, my HVAC plan will filter out all of the pollen with the air filter. My HVAC system has allowed me to live a comfortable life even with my crippling allergies.

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