The pets and a/c filters

Are you considering getting new furry friend? Do you live in an place that demands heating & air conditioning? I need to tell you that these things do not go together, & don’t let anyone tell you anything different! I adore my animals more than anything on earth, but, after my summertime Heating & A/C catastrophe, I am starting to rethink that love. I have been using the cooling system, way more than I usually do this season, and the heat has been unbearable, & I have had no choice but to resort to the cooling system every week; My utility bill has been astronomical these past few weeks. I just can’t rest when I’m overheated… Well, I have constantly been pretty on time about Heating & A/C repair, when it was just me. But, lately, I have been finally working full time & just too tied up with my current puppy. I haven’t been thinking correctly. I never thought a dog could create so many issues to my Heating & A/C! My cooling system was running, as usual, last Sunday. Both of us were in the middle of  another heatwave. Just prior to leaving for church, I heard a substantial bang. My Heating & A/C component was making loud noises I had heard before. Then, thick fog started to billow out of the air vents. I knew this was not great. I called the emergency line for my Heating & A/C & a contractor came right out. The first thing is to check the air vents & air filters. When he pulled out the first air filter, I was so ashamed! It was covered in dog hair! My dog ran under the couch, he knew he was the culprit. I just didn’t think a single pet could clog the filters so much!

a/c filter