The non stop AC use

The temperature in my area of the country are always hot and humid.  We have a couple of weeks and even a month where you can open up the windows and enjoy the cool winter air, but that doesn’t last very long.  We have to have the air conditioner running nearly all year long, and there is a dehumidifier installed inside the HVAC. With all of the humidity, we have had to put in extra caulking and weatherstripping to help out.  There is a lot of mold and mildew in our area, due to the excess humidity. This year, I have had the air conditioning and the dehumidifier running since late January. Valentine’s Day was spent in the house, with eighty degree temperature.  By Easter, we were sweltering and sweating. There weren’t any outdoor Easter egg hunts that morning. My air conditioning is running so hard that I worry about it, but the worst part is the high energy bills that I have to pay. I worry that my air conditioning will break down and then I worry because I’m not sure I will be able to afford the cost of the repairs.  I keep hoping for some cooler temperatures that will give my air conditioner a break, but it is just now the height of summer. I have been thinking about getting a ticket to someplace where there is snow right now. I would settle for someplace cool enough to wear a sweater, or someplace where I didn’t have to hear the drone of the air conditioner twenty-four/seven.

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