the new home heat pump

For the past few months, my husband and I have been working on building our new dream home. We’ve bought a plot of land and are consulting with an architect to design the blueprint for the main floor of the house.  We’ve been faced with a lot of difficult decisions, and the price of the project keeps growing and growing.  After a great deal of debate, my fiancee and I agreed that the ideal heating and cooling proposal would be a geothermal heat pump.  A geothermal heat pump provides year round temperature control, switching from heating to cooling as the weather outside requires.  This type of heating and cooling is the most economical to operate and is typically considered the most environmentally friendly by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Unfortunately, geothermal heating and cooling is also one of the most pricey forms of heating and cooling to purchase and implement.  We will need to hire an experienced HVAC supplier to excavate our backyard and install the underground piping system.  Plus, the actual heat pump is extremely overpriced.  An estimate from a local HVAC supplier gave us an estimate of nearly ten thousand dollars.  Considering the savings on our bills, the HVAC specialist told my husband and I that we could absolutely get back the investment in the next ten years.  Plus, we’d benefit from a really safe, clean, and reliable form of temperature control.  The ground loop unit would absolutely last around fifty years, and the heat pump should operate for at least two decades.  The benefits of a geothermal heat pump far outweigh the downsides, but honestly, I’m just not sure that we can afford that initial cost.  We’d need to get rid of costs in other areas, and I’m reluctant to go with finishings, flooring, and cabinets.

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