The man does heating set up

I sometimes am concerned about what would happen to myself and others if my partner were to happen to him.  He does all of the important work around the property.  Last year the cooling appliance faltered, plus it took him merely 10 minutes to get it running properly.  He is a professional when it comes to electronics, so not just the cooling devices, however the furnace, plus anything else that needs to be repaired, is repaired by him.  I could never handle this stuff on my own.  I never even knew how to use an iphone until I met him.  I was so lost.  He brought a bunch of manuals up from downstairs, plus he explained that I should keep them somewhere if it was necessary to use them.  He had all kinds of notes about the water heater, the furnace, plus the cooling device.  He had written notes plus cellphone numbers of who I could call, plus what to ask if certain things happened.  He was a treasure of information.  He told myself and others that he wasn’t planning on going anywhere, but it seemed he just wanted to ease my mind.  I guess my fears were starting to show through.  I started reading the manuals, but it was like reading a foreign language. I took them downstairs plus dumped them on my partner’s desk.  I told him if he ever died on me, I would revive him and kill him.  I felt more stupid than I had before I looked at the manuals.  I also told him I only wanted to know what companies he used for the Heating plus A/C plus the sizzling water heaters.  There is no way I will ever attempt to do anything like that without any help.  I would truly have sizzling water in my heating vents, plus heat coming from all of the faucets.

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