The mall has a great air conditioner

Taylor and I enjoy going window shopping at our nearby malls so I naturally go with my woman. Taylor and I used to bring our several grandchildren but now that they are older, they can stay at their own apartments by themselves. It would be not usual to have any alone time with Taylor if every one of us didn’t take some moments to go shopping together.  Taylor and I both really like spending time outside in the nice air while every one of us slowly walk around the local malls; Last Summer it was sort of hot outside plus Taylor and I were constantly in the air conditioning. I started to realize that I was having sneezing fits when I ventured in the outdoors into the hot Summer weather. When I at last found some air cooling, whether it was in our automobile or at work, those fits calmed down. Then it came for Taylor plus myself and others to spend some time alone at the city malls. When Taylor and I got out of our air-conditioned automobile it was fine and her and I walked a good distance until I started having troubles. I was sneezing like normal when I’m out of the air conditioning so Taylor plus I kept walking, eventually I started sneezing without stops and starts in between plus I was starting having trouble breathing. I almost killed myself with sneezing when Taylor pulled myself and others indoors into an air-conditioned store plus the sneezing then stopped.

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