The HVAC was busted in it

The hubby and I have just been through a horrible natural disaster that destroyed our entire home. Luckily we have great insurance, but we truthfully lost everything. Neither of us have any children so it is a real blessing that we don’t have to put youngsters through this tragic and hard time. We are trying hard to figure out what we are going to do with the insurance money. For right now though… we are going to have to find a rental home while we slowly get things figured out. The two of us took the first rental new home we could find so we didn’t have to worry about having a place to live in the meantime. I hate that we are going to have to completely rebuild our  home and that is going to be a massively expensive experience. Our rental home needs some tasks done on it too despite the fact that I don’t think we are quite ready to tackle that quite yet. One thing we are going to do to our new rental home is install a portable cooling system unit. The A/C system in our rental new home is old so we need to make sure that we are getting a nice flow of air through the house. I have called a local Heating in addition to A/C dealer and they said they are going to supply us with the portable cooling systems for each room of the temporary house. This way we can have much better airflow as well as make sure that the air is circulating properly. I don’t believe that the portable cooling systems will be too lavish either, I guess the A/C dealer is going to supply us a nice deal because of our situation too.

HVAC unit