The HVAC technology is ruined

We’re fortunate to live on the coast, we live right in the middle of the ever freezing north as well as the constantly sweltering south! We’re not just residing by the coast, we’re residing on the coast itself in this quaint little beach house. Our beach house doesn’t have a ton of amenities, but we do have a high-quality Heating and A/C system installed. This makes sure we can heat up quickly after a quick swim in the cool ocean, or cool down on a hot morning in the warm season, so when our Heating and A/C system recently stopped working, you could imagine our worry! We did what we could to make sure the house stayed nice and cool by opening windows while in the cool morning, despite the fact that we had to go without swimming on that beautiful Fall morning. I suppose we’re weird, but we enjoy swimming in the ocean, particularly when it’s freezing cold! Maybe because others aren’t deranged enough to do it, so we always have the ocean to ourselves when we go out there. Either way, we were sad. I called up the Heating and A/C service company in the village asking for an appointment to get our system repaired, and luckily they said someone could be sent out that morning, so hooray! Within 45 minutes, a professional arrived at our place to inspect our system. We were even more thrilled when we found out that it was just a simple issue with our thermostat, so the fix was easy as well as cheap! Now we can go jump in the chilly ocean for a late morning swim!

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