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I went into corporation with some colleagues & every one of us now have a pretty successful operation of our own.  Every one of us are in the corporation of purchasing older buildings, modernizing them, & then putting them back on the market.  Every one of us have been in real estate for about five years now & it provides a genuinely nice income for each of us. I am responsible for finding, purchasing, & then reselling the properties. Thankfully, our colleagues are the handy 1s who do most of the heavy work. There are times when every one of us are forced to contract out for a particular job however that doesn’t happen often. At the start of a project, every one of us sets a monetary arrangement to ensure that every one of us will make out like a bandit.  Of course, as much as every one of us care about each other, no 1 wants to take a cut in funding. Every one of us recently purchased an older storefront in midtown & wanted to renovate it into a space that could be used for a steakhouse or other restaurant. Everything was going great until the EPA inspector swooped down on us. Do to the age of the building & the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method that was put in , the city guy said that the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method was not up to code. He informed us that the emissions that come out of the method were so high that every one of us would be forced to update the ductwork, the a/c unit itself, the thermostat, and everything else. This new HVAC was really not in the monetary plan.  Normally, when a person purchases real estate, you have an inspector come in & access the structure, the building, & overall condition. Every one of us buy most of the sites without an inspection, however, so every one of us can get a better price. This purchase is going to force us to lay out way more than every one of us had intended because installing a commercial Heating, Ventilation plus A/C method is not exactly a minor expense.

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