The heating and air turning off


            Occasionally, I look at my life and fell a sense of incredulity for what it has become. For instance, I never imagined that I would be swept off my feet and relocated to a whole new village with the man of my dreams. I also never thought I’d be able to work from home and pursue my artistic ventures’ Most of all, I certainly never foresaw becoming a stepmom before the age of twenty seven… But here all of us are! I love my stepdaughter so much, and certainly cherish the time we get to spend together. With that being said, she sure is tiring!

            The little girl really wears me out and I always end up getting sick after we hang out. It really doesn’t help that she’s always running in and out of our house with central cooling, when we are playing. She lives down in Florida, where the air quality is sizzling and humid every single day of the year. Whenever we go visit it’s almost always about ninety degrees out, with ninety% humidity. That means the a/c is always operating at full blast to keep the home cool and dry. But our little girl doesn’t seem to value the air quality and enhanced comfort too much.

               Instead of playing quietly in the cool air, she likes to run back and forth from the patio to the living room. That means we constantly cycle in and out,  between absurdly sizzling and comfortably cool air for hours on end. I suppose this contributes heavily to weakening my immune system and my getting sick. I’m sure it also greatly adds to the energy bill when we let all the cool air outside.

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