The heater totally died

I was so relieved that it was Friday, and nearly the end of the day. I was almost done with work for the day. I had fallen behind in the morning, but I was starting to catch up.  I had nearly completed my week’s tasks. I had trouble staying focused on my work. I was distracted. I was then forced to rush a bit, and it was paying off. Soon I would be able to pack up and drive home.  I was especially anxious, because my wife and I had an appointment with a local HVAC contractor. Mary and I had made this appointment about two weeks ago. We set up a consultation with the HVAC contractor because our gas furnace had malfunctioned.  Although it was the end of the winter, we knew we needed to replace the heating system. We had some decisions to make. Our home’s furnace was nearly thirty thirty years old, and had been giving us problems for a while. So, I picked up Mary and we headed to the HVAC office. We learned about the different options for heating systems and furnaces.  There is a wide range of choices, ranging from single stage operation to adaptable speed. We were interested in zone control and wifi accessibility. We were determined to improve the energy efficiency and save some money on our monthly bills. We decided to spend more for adaptable speed because this provides more consistent temperature, lower sound levels, and greater efficiency ratings.   We will need financing to cover the project, but we should be able to make up for the purchase in energy savings.

HVAC filter