The heater out of commission

I live in a small, intimate neighborhood where most people knows each other and gossip is the law of the land. I guess there unquestionably isn’t particularly any other viable way for it to be in such a tiny town, however once in a while it would be nice if most people just minded their own business. Take for instance the other weekend and the notorious gas leak situation. I had been coming back from the tavern and I was nice and toasty if you know what I mean. I was walking back to my house so I would not be a danger to anybody else, or at least so I thought. I got beach modern home and I saw that I had forgotten to turn the control equipment up before I left so it was frigid. I turned it up to 71 and waited for the usual clicking sound signaling that it was switched on, however nothing else happened. I was quite  perplexed and drunk so I did the only thing I could suppose of and went down to figure out the source of the problem. Well it didn’t take very long of me fumbling around before I tripped on something and fell full force onto the main gas line. Somehow something got clipped in the line and gas started to leak out where it connects to the outside. I didn’t dare try to turn it off or do anything else that could blow me up and instead I just called in the fire department. Of course they had to shut of the gas to the whole neighborhood and then to inform everybody of what was going on with me. Suffice to say I haven’t yet to hear the end of it and I still am often the butt of jokes about my clumsy drunkenness.

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