The heater leaks

Just around 2 weeks ago I began to consider that there was a smell of natural gas in our home.  When I asked Adam if he smelled it as well Adam told me he didn’t smell anything.  I ignored it for a few more days thinking that my sense of smell was killing me.  After several weeks of still noticing the gas smell I decided enough was enough there was really a problem anywhere in our home.  I called the gas furnace supplier plus they came out to look at it almost immediately.  When they arrived at our area I was in awe to see that they had brought the fire department out too, and after a furnace check up I was told that there was no gas error in our new house plus that it was real safe to go back inside.  I was still not sure all was well and fine, but what more could I do?  Not head onto about 2 weeks now, I was still was feeling the gas.  My sister was really acting sick, really tired, fussy, super ill, and I was not feeling so hot either, and when Adam started to get sick too I knew for certain there was something in our house poisoning us all.  I didn’t think where to go next because no 1 considered me that I was smelling the gas.  It didn’t dawn on me until a while later  I went to switched on our gas furnace.  Right then plus there I turned off the furnace plus called our nearby Heating and Air Conditioning supplier plus they sent a modern Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier out right there.

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