The heat in the summer is troublesome

I have lived in the south all my life and until I acquired a job up north. I earned a nice office job, bought a house and made friends. I came down in the springtime and I was shocked at how cold it was. I had to use my apartment’s heating system right away. People were walking around in shorts while I was bundled up and keeping by my heater. What was much more shocking was the summer. First the summer’s up north are not that impressive. It still gets warm but is not the heat that I had been expecting. But what was just about the most shocking was what northerners do for cooling. I went to my friend that I met at work’s home. It was our summer and I was excited to have A/C. Instead I walked into a stuffy home with just a few fans. I asked her the spot where the cooling system was. She laughed at me and said that nobody uses air conditioning in this area. Apparently they only get a few weeks of heat in the summer season. I was just experiencing a more extreme summer. Since it never gets that hot, nobody has access to central air conditioning. I can’t quite possibly imagine not owning an air conditioner. It was a staple in my home when I was younger. We always used much of our AC and kept it clean. We used it throughout basically all of the year and would literally die without it. People down here don’t even own a powerful way to cool themselves. They use box and window fans that do nothing to cool the air.

A/C installation