The furnace won’t turn off

My partner plus I honestly try to avoid work functions like the plague, however, she was going to receive an award this time. The giant celebration was last night, plus it truly turned out to be an awful occasion. The dinner was programmed to be followed by an awards ceremony at 8 p.m.  so we arrived shortly before the dinner service. It was clear to me then that it felt sizzling in the office already. I made a comment about the furnace to our partner, however she was pretty anxious about the award and didn’t seem to hear me complain. Maybe I was anxious too, because I had already been dripping with sweat through our sweater and peacoat. We sat down at our assigned table with various coworkers we hated. Though dinner was yummy, I was really starting to think it was getting much warmer. It seemed more and more as though the furnace was working overtime, because the heating proposal continually seemed to run the entire time that we ate. I kept waiting for the old convented air furnace to shut off, but it never seemed to happen, but by the actual time that our partner was about to finally go up and receive her award, the furnace was clearly affecting most of the other people in the room as well… People were using their napkins to soak up their sweaty heads, plus most of the gentleman had removed their suits long ago. As we left, I saw a heating repair van pull up to the service entrance. SO it looks like there was a complication with the furnace after all.

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