The furnace really came in handy

I have been called a hoarder for much of my life. I happen to disagree with that label, but I do understand how all of my beloved possessions can be considered overwhelming to some people. I mean, I collect a lot of great stuff. I have over 15 televisions, and 9 of them work perfectly! I also have at least 150 feet of copper wiring, which only needs to be untangled, stripped and straightened. Lastly, I have accrued over 2 dozen pieces of HVAC equipment in the past 10 years or so. It’s incredible how people throw out their old furnaces and air conditioning units without a second thought! I come across them, simply sitting on curbs, in dumpsters, and out by the garbage dump all the time. People get a new heating or cooling plan and simply abandon their old, rusted temperature control equipment. They see a pile of useless nuts and bolts, sharp metal, and hazardous internal components but not me! I see HVAC equipment and my mind is flooded with endless opportunities! That’s why I always haul it back home and store it in the back shed. My friends and family have chided me for years, saying I should at least get rid of the old heating and cooling supplies, if nothing else. Well, it’s a good thing I never listened! Just last month, my own trusty old furnace randomly started making a lot of unexpected noises and smells. When I called a local HVAC technician, he immediately told me that the heating unit was beyond repair. He started quoting me for all new parts and heating systems, but I had everything I needed already! We went out to the shed and poked around the old heating equipment. Within a day, my home was perfectly heated again.

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