The furnace in this place is awesome

I despise going into work these days. Not only is my manager a well designed idiot, but we just got an idiot of a new hire so I have to deal with the hassle of training him, despite the fact that this is decidedly not element of my job description. I am struggling through my own growing pile of tasks to achieve, just staring at me in the file on my desk. Aside from the personal stuff at which I am trying to succeed, I also have a large issue with the office building in general. The heating and cooling system is utterly worthless. I honestly do not even understand why everyone pretends there’s a heating and cooling system in this stupid building anymore. It is not like the air conditioning ever turns on for the summer season. No, instead of a working air conditioning, we are forced to feel the frigid drafts from the manager’s office every time she enters and exits her nicely air conditioned part of the building. Our cubicles suffer due to the heat and humidity. Don’t get me started about the wintertime. I bring a coat, a cardigan, and additional sweater along with the thermal undergarments I have began to wear under my suit. I feel like I may be able to sue for a lack of heating! The furnace in my office building makes some dreadful noises, but that is the only reason anybody knows that it truly exists. There is never actually any heat felt to be coming out of the furnace. One day our issues for the horrible HVAC system will be tackled, but until then, I guess I will just have to keep complaining to my friends.

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