The furnace does not make it any better

I grew up in the dirty south for the first twenty years of my life where I guess I might have seen snow once or twice. See, normally the dead of Winter season would come with pretty continual temperatures that never dipped below freezing. Now, that being said, you needed an air conditioner in the summertime time to survive. The fall and Winter season months were essentially quite nice. Now I live up north, though, and it is the exact opposite. Summer is nice and mild up each year with rapidly changing temperatures reaching ninety perhaps once in a fantastic while. It is just normally in the sixties and you’d be hard pressed to find someone who needs an air conditioner in those conditions. The Winter seasons are a different story all the way. It gets horribly freezing up here with brutally high winds blowing below feet of snow moving all around as if you were trapped in a giant snow globe. If you don’t have a respectfully running gas furnace at home in these conditions then you are going to be in real trouble all season long.  Even with a gas furnace you had better make sure you don’t get yourself caught outside or leave your car for any reason if you get stuck in a ditch. I entirely have been questioning why I moved up here, however the continually sweltering heat of the south can be just as irritated and dangerous to deal with. I suppose I could find a more even temperature to live where I would need both a gas furnace and air conditioner on less occasions. I could just move in either location and relocate bimonthly. Either way I absolutely need to do something to avoid all the irritated in the world.

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