The freeze and good heating

Just last evening, we dealt with the first strenuous freeze of the season. Temperatures reached the low 20’s, which for our part of the country is extremely unusual… My partner and I have not had to prepare for a strenuous freeze for the entire time that both of us have been married, which is almost three years! Thus, both of us undoubtedly were unsure of how to prepare for this situation, and both of us decided to cover up our plants and leave the water dripping to keep the pipes from freezing. Other than that, both of us just turned up our temperature control a few degrees and hoped for the very best! It took me awhile to fall asleep because I was pretty frosty, and when I woke up in the day, the home was rather chilly. I could really feel the heated air coming from our air vents, and the temperature control was still set at the right temperature, but the home was still chilly. My partner is convinced that the concern is not with our heater, but with our windows. Both of us still have seasoned metal windows in our dwelling, and they are not sealed absolutely well. The frigid air can entirely come into our dwelling. The colder the outside air is, the colder our home is, no matter what temperature both of us try to set our temperature control to. I guess our only solution is going to be to invest in a better blanket for our bed and to get a section oil furnace for our family room area. Both of us do not have the currency to upgrade all of the windows with something more energy efficient, and both of us also do not have the currency to run our central heating all of the time. The blankets and section furnaces should at least make things bearable for us during those frigidly cold evenings.

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