the final HVAC contractor

After I woke up in the morning without air conditioning, I was increasingly angry for myself for calling that first HVAC repair man I chose to fix it. I was also confused, as I had assumed that the second HVAC repair technician had fixed the damage that was done previously. I called the other HVAC repair technician, and I asked him if he could come to my house that same day. When he arrived, he immediately started working on my air conditioner. After spending several hours examining it and repairing it, he told me that the air conditioning system was beyond repair and would have to be replaced. Prior to two weeks ago, I had never had any issues whatsoever with my air conditioning unit. I just could not assume that the entire air conditioning system was no longer repairable. I asked him for more specifics, and he advised that the faulty wiring from before have caused several key components to burn out. He essentially told me that the first HVAC repair technician had completely destroyed my air conditioning system. Given that I had already chosen to forgive and forget the work of the first HVAC repair technician, I was not sure who I was supposed to yell at. I decided to call another HVAC repair technician in for a second opinion, and he was surprisingly able to fix the air conditioning system in just an hour. He told me that the second HVAC repair technician was obviously looking to get me to buy a brand spanking new air conditioning system from him. At this point, I do not know who I can trust with my air conditioner.

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