The faulty cooling unit

My parents recently celebrated their 78th anniversary. I think anyone will agree that it is a very uncommon accomplishment in as of late. I can barely name a few marriages that have survived ten years, let alone seventy eight! We decided that this year, we needed to throw them an appropriate party. We knew this could be the last their last excellent memory together. We thought we would do it at their assisted home where they have lived for quite some time. Anything too complicated would mean people wouldn’t show. We had all the details down to the very facts. We were so thrilled. It’s particularly hot outside, which made us thankful for choosing an interior venue with air conditioning. The guests began to enter when I noticed it was hot inside. I checked the thermostat in addition to noticed it wasn’t registering the indoor temperature. I immediately went to your front desk where the workers were very frantic. They had already also noticed the faulty air cooling and were doing what they could to get the HVAC technicians out to a facility stat. Only hot air was coming out of the vents and I was nervous for our elderly guests. We saw the team of HVAC workers arrive to begin checking the filters and checking out the system. It only took fifteen minutes to enable them to get the air conditioning launched and established, thankfully!