The electric heating device

My job allows me to work from home, and on most mornings, I actually appreciate working from home. It offers me a good deal of liberty. I am a single mom in a rural town. The schools in our area shut down a lot, and I have to be home to watch the kids. Since I write my own schedule, I don’t have to call in sick. And if I get too caught up in spending time with my sons, I can always make up the hours during the evening when they are asleep. The only complication that I have is the heating unit. Since I am the only person at the house, I don’t want to heat the entire thing. Not only is it an utter waste of utilities plus money, but I never have enough money to pay the bill! In order to solve this issue, I decided to invest in a portable electric heater. My desk is set up in my dining room. I can close the door to the dining room and save a lot of money When I turn on the portable, electric furnace for just thirty minutes with the door closed, it gets very warm. I am amazed how such a little electric furnace can so effectively warm up the room. The heat remains even when I shut it off. I was sure that when I got my bi-weekly utility bill, I would still notice a higher number, but I was delightfully surprised! In fact, the heating bill fell drastically. It turns out that I actually was saving so much money on heating by not turning on the Heating and Air Conditioning unit for the entire house while I was working. Even bit of money helps a single parents, and I vowed to continue doing this.

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