The ductwork was set up weird

We have a busy summer season ahead plus I’m looking forward to many of the events that will be happening.  Our downtown area has flourished over the years plus there are various things for people to do each afternoon.  The different tourists that come to town appreciate it because most of the activities are free to participate in plus it allows them to experience what we have to offer. Our Waterfront is one of the best venues to spend the afternoon as it has beautiful scenery plus a breeze that flows off the lake.  We were standing in a restaurant downtown once plus I kept feeling a cool breeze washing over my feet plus I could not figure out where that was coming from. Don’t get me wrong, it felt pretty nice because it was a warm summer afternoon plus I only was wearing sandals so it cooled my feet off wonderfully… When I asked the waiter about it he told me about the ventilation system that the owners had put in not so long ago.  Around the ductwork underneath the building there was this breeze that came off the water that flowed down there anyway. I honestly thought that they had utilized a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C component however instead they put in sizable fans that blew the chilly air off of the water through the ductwork. The same ductwork could be shut off from the outside air plus used for the heating equipment while in the Winter season.  He said that this particular system saves them a bundle of cash on their utility costs while in summer because most days the breeze off the lake was easily cool enough that it was perfect for making their guests comfortable. I thought that was incredibly clever plus a great way to save on energy plus help with the environment at the same time.

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