The dog getting the best in HVAC

Not too long ago, my dog got out and I couldn’t find her for days. I was a mess, and it was the middle of winter. I was frantic because she could freeze to death during the night. I called people I knew and had them searching for her. I couldn’t imagine all the horrible things that might happen and did not get any sleep that night. I contacted all the local rescue agencies and posted pictures of her on social media along with how to alert me in case they saw her. The temperature was dropping outside, and I knew that she would not be able to survive long if she hadn’t found some sort of shelter. My fiance drove around for most of the night trying to see any trace of her or paw prints in the snow. The following day, when I was losing hope, I received a phone call from the next street over asking me if we had found the dog. I was in tears as I told them that we hadn’t. We hadn’t given up complete hope yet. He said that he had driven by the mechanic’s garage down the road and noticed that there were paw prints out in the snow. When we arrived and went inside to talk to the owner, he confirmed that he did have a dog in the back that had shown up the day before… He had stuck her in his back office where it would be warm until he could figure out who she belonged to. She was scared and was ecstatic to see us. I was so grateful that she had found a warm area to spend the night. If it hadn’t been for the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C in the mechanic’s garage, I don’t know what would have happened.

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