The different areas and their heating

This may not be the wisest decision I ever made, but it will be a lot of fun. When I tell you it is going to be the coldest day in over five years, you’re going to guess that I am crazy. The lake has about multiple inches of ice on it, and that is perfect for skating. It is also perfect for ice fishing, and I only hope that we don’t have to fight the fisherman for the ice. I guess that a bunch of us are going to be there, and that is great, because we can give everyone a chance to sitting by the fire while another man plays with the men. Personally I’d rather be sitting in the house, with a blanket over me, and feeling the heating of the furnace. I’d appreciate to be able to bring the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C with me. The fisherman all have gas furnaces with them. They tuck them inside a small hut that they build, and they can stay warm. I’d be worrying about the ice melting beneath the heaters, but they don’t seem to care. My kid is trying to talk his men out of going, and if they change their minds, we’ll go to a theatre and watch a movie. I guess there will be fantastic heating there, and then on to a heated ice cream shoppe, and maybe to a well-heated mall for a little shopping. I really have to keep my mouth shut about fun things I enjoy doing on a frigid Monday. Now the decision goes to the men.

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