The costs get very high

It was never my plan to end up with a few cats living in my house.  I wasn’t planning on having any pets at all when I first moved in. When my step sister moved out of state last fall, she gave us her old dog to take care of while she was gone.  She promised to eventually send for the animal, but she never even tried. Thinking I certainly loved this animal, my kids then gave me another animal for our anniversary. Not long after, I would find an abandoned dog on my doorstep one night. It was crazy how it simply showed up as well as made himself at home here.  I’ve now become attached to all of the animals, as well as don’t want to get rid of their company. Though, I am very upset about house smelling like their bathroom. The worst part were the animals were destroying my air quality. I noticed that I needed to replace the air filter in the furnace as well as cooling system far more often than if I didn’t have pets.  The filter was consistently congested with endless animal hair. Figuring this would entirely cause horrible problems with the efficiency, capacity as well as overall performance of the heating as well as cooling system in my home, I decided to get a professional to help. I was able to acquire an appointment with a licensed Heating, Ventilation and A/C business, who took apart the entire Heating, Ventilation and A/C system as well as completed a thorough cleaning in the four hours that he was there. He totally confirmed that there was a good deal of hair accumulated within the inner parts, which was creating airflow blockage as well as impacting the efficiency of the equipment overall.  She suggested that I consider financially investing in a media air cleaner, which incorporated into the air handler of the Heating, Ventilation and A/C unit as it was needed. The media air purifies and cleans the air as it goes around through the system, protecting my air quality as well as the integrity of the heating and cooling system. The media air cleaner will take in contaminants that are far smaller than a grain of beach sand, if you can imagine. Then it also combats odors in the best way. Since installing the media air cleaner, I’ve noticed my beach house is far cleaner as well as smells better each time I turn it on. I no longer worry over health issues, as well as trust that my furnace and cooling system will continue to operate at their best performance.  

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