The cold and demands on the heater

My furnace quit during the Thanksgiving weekend when the outside temperature was in the mid-twenties.  It was snowing and blowing and the forecast was for more of the same. Because I had just paid off some hefty bills, I couldn’t afford the steep repair costs that would likely be charged for a holiday weekend. I knew if I called an Heating & Air Conditioning company for repair over this weekend, I’d get stuck paying way too much for what was certainly a easy repair.  So I did my best to make it work with what little I knew about furnaces. I started by replacing the batteries in the thermostat, then I changed the air filter, plus I vacuumed and cleaned as much of the system as I could. When my efforts didn’t work, I closed off all but the most essential rooms of the house, limiting the rooms we needed to survive. Next I went out plus purchased three space heaters, extension cords, and electric blankets.  While I realized that I just spent a bunch of money for the temporary fix, at least I had something to show for my efforts. My whole family bundled up in sweaters, jackets, heavy socks and slippers. We also decided that if we baked cookies, the heat from the oven would add to the diminishing temperatures in our living area. At night, all of us huddled under the electric blankets, doing our best to make a fun adventure out of the unpleasant situation. First thing Monday morning, I called our local Heating & Air Conditioning company to inquire as to the first appointment with an HVAC technician that we could get. I was both gratified, yet aggravated that the serviceman was able to repair the furnace in less than an hour.  After all of my family’s discomfort and shivering, it seemed as if the repair should have been more complex.

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