The cold a/c

Last month was an immense event in my family. My grandmother was turning 95 years of age. The whole family was set to enjoy at a huge party my cousins and I had planned. Family members from almost every state were flying or driving in to be with us. My grandmother was going to be so happy! The big night came and everybody was gathered. Everything went just as planned, except the air conditioning thought it would freeze everyone. We couldn’t figure out what was going on at first. The air quality became tremendous cold, and everyone had to put their  jackets on. My uncle adjusted the thermostat, but a furnace wouldn’t kick on. Your heating system would make certain humming noises, but it just wouldn’t work. The air in the room continued to get worse. Cold air was forcing its way right out of the ductwork and air vents. Eventually, my father had enough. He called a nearby HVAC business and asked them to send out an HVAC technician to check out what was wrong. They luckily weren’t that busy, so one was able to come right out. The HVAC serviceman soon arrived. By this level, my grandmother was bundled up in a very big blanket. That’s how bad the air temperature was.. The HVAC technician went right to work, and soon found the issue. The heating and cooling system had a short circuit and but could quickly be fixed. The HVAC system was located in a small area, so it was hard for the HVAC technician to reach it with his tools. The HVAC technician was able to get it fixed, and the temperature in the room began to get warmer.

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