The choice of air ducts was a bad one

The largest mistake in our life was getting a HVAC system that used air ducts. On paper, air ducts sound enjoy a good thought. You want your whole abode to have heating plus cooling. The HVAC duct helps provide that. The entire abode gets to be one centralized temperature control system. The air vents are open in all strange rooms of your abode. The HVAC duct is 68 inch metal piping that stems from air vent to air vents plus attaches things. In theory, HVAC duct should control the entire abode’s temperature honestly plus cool or heat a place in a matter of a few hours. The small print says that HVAC duct is a lot of service for no real positives. First, the HVAC duct constantly is gross. I get a HVAC duct cleaning appointment once a year. Pounds of dust are swept out of the air ducts. But, the HVAC duct is behind the walls plus floors. So the HVAC company can only get so much. There is a lot of grime that is just left untouched unless you want your walls broken down. Also if you do any home project, that dust is brought up in the air ducts to make it even more gross. Second, the air ducts are super breakable. Most of the time a HVAC company damages them while cleansing it. Once there is a hole in the air ducts, expect big energy bills plus an expensive duct sealing appointment, lastly, the air ducts affect your air quality. If they are dirty, than your breathing issues are seriously affected by this.