The ancient HVAC unit

I arrive at MY labor earlier than all the other people. Other than the real custodian, I am the first employee in the building.  I like to really get my labor done early and just clock some overtime minutes. The best part of this is that it is really quiet and I am able to nicely focus. However, the building is entirely  very old.  Its Heating, Ventilation & A/C systems are really entirely  ancient and do not efficiently heat or cool the nice building. During the work afternoon, it is really almost unbearable. It is even much worse in the first few minutes when I am really toiling alone. In the winter, the old furnace is turned on about an hour before I arrive. It is really turned on at full blast and is toiling so strenuous to just heat the chilly building. It does not really regulate the temperature. It really overheats the building and does not actually stop producing heated air. I walk into an old office that feels more like a real sauna. I dress in layers for my nice commute to work, however when I arrive at my work, I immediately strip off the many layers. It can become so tepid that it really stops me from focusing on my own work. I am starting to really suppose that it is counterproductive to come into my labor so early. I tried really talking to my manager about this, however she just shrugged it off.  She is more really upset that they are making cuts in the corporation and says there is no real cash to replace the older building. I don’t suppose she will listen to me until it is really too late and the entire building feels like it is really on fire.  I might try just clocking in some overtime minutes from home rather than dealing with these horrible toiling conditions.

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