The air quality for our airline

My wifey plus I attended a friend’s wedding last week. We were flying for the first time in 7 years, plus I will likely wait another 7 to do it again! Our flying experience was absolutely rotten. When we initially arrived to the airport, the flight staff were rude plus discourteous, and the A/C didn’t seem to be working. They did not seem to even care about any of the passengers, unless they were holding first class tickets… My wifey plus I were seated halfway past the wings. Once the plane climbed in the air, the overhead ventilation system started finally working… It was clear that the a/c system was on as well, but there was a nasty odor coming from the air ventilation system. I couldn’t pinpoint the exact nature of the odor, but the odor was like a dirty diaper. I summoned the flight attendant, plus made a comment about the ventilation system and entire lack of A/C. She said that other passengers had been complaining as well, plus they were trying to repair the problem as best as they could. She gave my wifey plus I a beverage, plus gave us a few extra packs of peanuts. After many moments, the flight attendant came over the loudspeaker. She apologized to all of the passengers, for the foul smell in the air. She said they could not repair the ventilation problems while they were still in the air. She told the passengers that we were being rerouted to the nearest airport. I knew the complications had to be quite serious, plus I was ready to get off that plane. We landed quite a few hours away from our destination, plus the airline paid for us to pick up a rental car.

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