The air conditioner was great

I was entirely in shock the other day when my friend Travis wanted to take myself and others to the boardwalk to go shopping. I had entirely never gone shopping in that area before but he said that was ok, he would show me the best store.s So we decided to go to the boardwalk as well as we decided to go to this really cool sand and surf shop on the main strip. I found this pretty nice surfboard that I genuinely wanted to buy. It was also bright red and shiny. Even though it was kind of open to the air conditions, the shop had a nice cooling system as well. It seemed a waste that all that cool air was just hanging out into the open, however maybe it was a highly energy efficient air conditioning system. Regardless, it felt super nice in the shop as well as I wasn’t for certain that I was ready to go out as well as try hitting the other shops just yet. I entirely took my sweet time looking at the different surfboards for exactly that idea, the air conditioning system just felt that wonderful. So we finally went out to the main drag as well as we went out into the hot sun. I was rather anxious but my friend Travis gave myself and others all kinds of shops we could go to as well as a bit of advice on what stores had a/c.  Travis found the first shop with great cooling in it and we shopped around for quite awhile in there. Finally after a bunch of shops passed me and others by, I finally picked the next place for us except this one only had fans for cooling control. It was a total let down.

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