The air conditioner was bad

If I ever know ahead of time that I am going to be in an awkward or intimidating situation, I always attempt to come up with a wonderful outfit, having a flattering, sophisticated outfit easily helps my confidence, along with some great lipstick.  When I found out we were to have dinner with my husband’s parents and grandparents, I knew that I would need all of the confidence I could get, because my in-laws do not care for me, and they look for any reason to point out my shortcomings, and this is why we rarely have dinner with them, for this reason.  I wore my favorite striped wrap blouse, tucked into a navy midi skirt, then added neutral, but sophisticated accents: dark maroon flats, a nude purse, and a string of freshwater pearls! I applied my makeup carefully and finished it off with a great lipstick. I thought I was ready, although I was foiled by an unlikely source: my in-laws’ temperature control. When we arrived, the air conditioning was blasting, the temperature control had to have been set on sixty. My blouse was long-sleeved, but thin. I held out for as long as I could, but I was resting right underneath an air conditioning vent, and the air conditioning poured on me.  I am sure my in laws planned it this way.  I was forced to borrow my husband’s sweater, which was orange, of all colors, and somehow, it clashed with my lipstick, the shape of my skirt, and my shoes, all at once! My confidence shriveled up and ran away. At least, I was warm. The air conditioning was no match for the sweater!

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