The a/c repair did not go so hot

I hate when it’s one of those afternoons, when everything is going wrong all at once. That happened to me last Wednesday, and it cost me a fortune. I woke up first thing in the morning, ready to tackle a morning’s worth of chores. I was backing the Prius out of the garage, when I heard a loud crash behind the car. I hit the recycling bins, which were full of cans and bottles. There was trash all over the driveway and sidewalk. It took thirty minutes to tidy up the mess, and thirty minutes to yell at my kid for misplacing the bins. I was already frustrated, when my kid called to tell me the cooling system wasn’t working. She told me that the cooling system unit was making a strange sound. I told her to turn off the cooling unit until I could come house to investigate the problem. I finished the shopping and went to the drugstore, before the youngsters called to complain about the lack of cooling. I called the cooling system service center, after my kid sent me a recording of the cooling system sounds. The cooling system service contractor arrived about fifteen minutes after I finished unpacking the groceries. The horrible sound was a piece of metal that had fallen from our Heating and Air Conditioning ducts. The piece of metal turned out to be a screw. The screw was rattling around inside of the unit and causing the terrible noises. After the cooling system service was completed, the living room sink sprung a leak. I thought my terrible morning was over, but I was wrong.  

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