The a/c for my poor pets

I needed to take our 3 precious felines to the vet last Thursday… It was a very unfortunate series of events that led to this essential appointment. It was nothing all that serious, but it was definitely a pain. You see, our 3 feline companions developed a bit of a flea problem. The fleas were not only bothering the cats, but they were making our whole family suffer! So, here I was in the frigid air conditioner settings of our local vet office. The reason they set the air conditioner so low was to prevent germs spreading from pet to pet. The colder air conditioner settings actually did help a lot in this manner. Unfortunately, those cold air conditioner settings also froze everyone that was waiting in the office. I hoped this would be especially quick. I needed a gas furnace after being subjected to these frigid air conditioner settings. Opportunely, they called our cats to be seen by the vet… While they were being looked at, I waited in our car with the heating system blasting. I placed my hands in front of the air vents so the heating appliance could take the exhausting chill from my entire body. That was how incredibly freezing they kept the air conditioner set in that locale! After a short moment of enjoying my car’s warm heater, I went back into the frosty air conditioner settings of the vet’s office. Lucky for me, our cats were done! I took our cats plus drove all the way back to my dwelling with the car’s heating appliance on. The poor cats suffered a great deal from that exhausting air conditioner as well.