That increased the pressure

So my brother left a few weeks ago for what seemed like a crazy job. Honestly, he was going to join the carnival for a lifelong dream to fulfill. He told my mom he would send us money to help with the bills, just as he did working at the mill. I never thought it was a brilliant idea for my mom to let him go. Besides, the carnival is too alluring because of how exciting and dangerous it is. By the end of maybe three weeks, Johnny had stopped writing home or sending money. I think he found his freedom away from responsibility. My mom and two other brothers I had nowhere to go at this point. We were forced out of our apartment when we couldn’t pay the rent. Mom had to asok her sister if we could live with her in the mountain home. My aunt always thought Johnny was trouble. She was too glad he was gone and not moving in too. She has a big mountain home in the high country, so it seemed like a fine plan at the time. It’s only been a few days, and my aunt is already driving myself and others so crazy. She has ridiculous house rules,  like turning off all of the lights the second you leave a room. Or then she also has a thermostat that controls the temperature in the house for every individual room. It’s a pretty cool thing to consider, but much more efficient than our outdated a/c than we knew to work. When I was feeling pretty warm, I adjusted the thermostat to 65 degrees on my own. It felt great in the house, and I slept all afternoon having nothing else to do. I was curled up in a wool blanket, when my aunt came home and started screaming at me. She told my mom that she could never allow any of us kids to touch the thermostat again. I thought she was being hyper. The next afternoon when she came home, she had a digital thermostat that uses a fingerprint scan to adjust the temperature on the wall. If it wasn’t my aunt, I would have punched her in the face for the lack of trust to my mom. She said it was time for a up-to-date thermostat, however I knew she was just being a jerk to us kids.

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