Terrbile allergies

I have always had terrible allergy symptoms since I was a child.  At any point during the year I can have allergy attacks that incapacitated me. Regardless of where I go and what the weather is like I can experience a massive sneezing fit. This is why I always rely so heavily upon my HVAC system to filter out all of the external allergens. I have the highest grade filter which removes, dust particles and pollen along with any bacteria that may be present in my home.  I am also very allergic to the dust, so I clean my home thoroughly from top to bottom each week. Thankfully, any dust that I kick up will be sucked up by my HVAC filtration system. The only disappointing thing about my HVAC system is that dust will inevitably collect in the ductwork. The only way to clean them is to call a HVAC professional, and fortunately for me, the one I work with is extremely quick at cleaning my vents and they have the friendliest people I know. I am always careful about scheduling this cleaning service every other year to avoid too much buildup. Without the maintenance and duct cleanings, I would have allergens floating all around my home and I would have nowhere to hide from my flu symptoms. I always watch the weather to check for the pollen count and recently it has been up above ten which is absurd, but regardless of how much pollen is in the air, my HVAC system will always filter out all of the pollen with the air filter. My HVAC system has allowed me to live a healthy life with my crippling flu symptoms.

HVAC maintenance