Temperature control is messed up now

My youngest child just turned three years old a few weeks ago. I feel as though she is already smarter than I am… She is my third daughter, & both of her older siblings are also quite gifted teenagers! But this little one, she is easily on another level than the rest of us, I think. I have already begun researching special schools for talented & advanced level teenagers. I want her to have the upper hand going forward. I knew how smart she was for quite a long while now, but it was really just a few weeks ago when it really hit me. We had been having some drawbacks with our central air conditioner, & one day it just stopped working altogether. I was out in the garage looking at the air duct when my child came & took my hand & brought me into the main hallway. She was pointing at the temperature control & told me how the orange light had been blinking. It was not blinking at that moment, although she insisted that it had been before. She couldn’t pronounce the word temperature control but she did understand that it controlled the heating & cooling. Like a total idiot, I just tapped the temperature control housing, as though hitting it would make it start working again. However, my baby girl recommended that I try replacing the batteries in the temperature control, but not in so many words of course. She knew that batteries made her toys function, & might also work in a temperature control unit. Of course it worked, & within a few minutes the AC was blowing once more & cooling off the whole property.