Technology and cooling

If you are doing something that you are inspired by, you don’t have a job, but a career. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work just as hard or make less money. Instead, it means that you will will actually be committed to your career rather than hating it. I used to not care for our work. I just didn’t like having to travel to work every day. I hated that for real. Now I became a private business, so I can do it from home, plus I love it. The only trouble I have is our Heating plus Air Conditioning system! As an IT serviceman, I service routers plus databases, plus all these difficult drives plus towers in our room really serve to make my house hot. I mean that our room is too warm, plus I depend on our central a/c to be running 24/7 because my machines need constant cool air so they don’t overheat plus bring down the whole system. Actually, the a/c plan in our large house is a small part of the cooling solution. I also have a separate a/c equipment in our computer room. The main Heating plus Air Conditioning plan is okay; however, you wouldn’t believe how heated it gets in here, so I also have a ductless mini split AC equipment to reduce the room’s temperature even further. Without both cooling systems powering at once, the room can reach over 100 degrees within just a few hours. Now our central AC is running out of juice, plus I need it fixed ASAP.

cooling plan