Tank for the heater

My mother called my fiance over to her household the other day because she found a puddle of water that she couldn’t explain.  She had apparently been cleaning the puddle of water up and it would just show up again. So she called my fiance. My mother seems to believe that every man needs to know pretty much everything about every possible home service there is.  My fiance is not one of those type of people. He actually works on laptops for a living and he also writes programs for cell phones. He is able to service a few things around the home but not everything, it is simply not his forte. Give my fiance a laptop and he can easily rip that thing apart and rebuild it from scratch in a matter of minutes.  When the two of us got to her home my fiance told her that he thought the source of the mysterious water was coming from her wall mounted expansion tank. After he told her what he thought it was, she left the room separate from saying a word and then returned shortly with her massive toolbox demanding that he take care of it. When he explained to her he wasn’t comfortable with attempting to service the tank because he didn’t know a thing about how to service Heating and Air Conditioning devices, she again left the room in a hurry and returned later to tell us that she called a Heating and Air Conditioning worker to come out to the household to supply an inspection to her device and to service it.  She demanded that the two of us stay so my fiance could learn how to service a Heating and Air Conditioning device. After the Heating and Air Conditioning worker had repaired the leaky pressure relief valve, she handed my mother the bill and then she passed it over to my fiance. When he looked at her in total confusion, she simply told him that since he refused to service the valve the two of us should have to cover the cost.

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