Taking out a loan to improve year round comfort with the installation of a heat pump –

After years of getting by with portable air conditioners in the summer and an inadequate heating system in the winter, I took out a home improvement loan to make some updates.  I was tired of paying excessive utility bills in the winter while shivering and living with the consequences of overly dry air.  I was unhappy installing and removing the portable air conditioners in the spring and fall, giving up the view from the window, and enduring an overheated and sticky house.  I saved up some money, took out a bank loan, and did a whole bunch of research online.  I wanted a system which would provide ideal heating and cooling all year round.  I was looking for an HVAC system which would be energy efficient, keep running costs at a minimum, yet deliver perfect comfort.  I finally settled on an electric heat pump, and I am totally happy with it.  Purchasing and installing the electric heat pump cost me a fortune, but it has been worth it.  Having one system to handle both heating and cooling simplifies maintenance and operation.  The system runs entirely on electricity, so there is no combustion process and no worry over fire, fumes or carbon monoxide.  It doesn’t overly dry the air during the winter, so I don’t deal with static shock, chapped lips, frizzy hair or any of the consequences of insufficient humidity.  In cooling mode, the heat pump effectively handles excess humidity, keeping my home wonderfully cool.  The system features multi-stage filtration which captures airborne contaminants, such as dust, pollen and dander, and protects indoor air quality.  It also features variable speed technology, allowing the equipment to automatically adjust capacity to the changing demands of the home.  This maximizes energy efficiency, minimizes sound levels, and maintains more even temperatures.   

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