Switching up our heater

Fall will soon be upon us, and it is my time to make sure the house is ready before the cold sets in.  Our winters bring a lot of rain and a lot of snow, along with freezing temperatures.  Just when you think the weather can’t get any worse, inevitably, it will.  It seems like everything is always coated ice, and then the sun comes out for a little peek, but disappears again.  The most difficult task, is being cooped up inside of the house for days or even weeks, at a time.  The house becomes stuffy and cramped, and it seems to close in around you.  I am always fidgeting with the thermostat to make sure the heating doesn’t get too hot, because then the feeling of closeness is even worse.  It didn’t take long to figure out that it is easier to bit a too cold than a bit too hot.  We try to use the furnace through the day, and we put the thermostat on a timer, so we get the house warm before we get out of bed.  I also have an air purifier in the mud room and the kitchen.  These are main areas of entrance, and the dust and  mud from outside enter.  The air purifier helps to keep the dust particles out of the air, and our air stays fresh.  It also helps to eliminate the moisture in the air, so our air doesn’t become musty and dank from days of being closed up inside.  I try to change the air filters every couple of weeks, and we have herbal tea in the cupboard, and essential oil diffuser throughout the house.  This can bring a fresh smell to the air, and brighten even the most sullen of winter days.

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