Storm hurt the cooling device

It took a couple of weeks to get the tree limbs chopped up and off the roof from where they fell during the storm. We’ve been tied up since that monsoon, still trimming and cleaning up, and briefly without power as the electrical lines had to be re-installed after the storm. I now find myself trimming other trees away from the power lines on a regular basis just so we don’t deal with an outage again! Where once, my husband was reluctant to trim and lose shade, he is now ready, willing, and able to trim! As we work in the heat, I cannot help but remember just what it felt like, only last week, when I couldn’t step inside a cool,relaxing, air conditioned house. Now, I go in and get a few mouthfuls of fresh cold water and go back outside into the heat to work some more on yard cleanup. We have to chop the tree limbs into a consistent length and bundle them together before carrying them out to the curb. It’s a ritual that is forced on you if you live in the hot weather that I live in, but then you go relax in the cold air conditioning for a moment and feel your second wind coming. You might guess that I should be used to the extreme weather, but I’m not. I’m accustomed only to staying comfortable in a/c and turning on the a/c when I need it. Later when the debris clean-up is complete, I plan to look into buying a generator for next year. I can’t do anything in a hot house!

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