Staying comfortable

Regardless of the time of year it is, I am always hot. I don’t know why. It could be the midst of winter, with a blizzard blowing outside, and I still feel hot. My husband just doesn’t get it and we’ve had multiple arguments about the thermostat. I love the house to be nice and cool, and my husband likes it warm. He says that I should just wear less clothing, and I say that he should use a sweater and socks any time he feels cold. He says that whenever the thermostat is set at 70, his hands and toes are freezing, and even if he puts for a sweater, his limbs still get cold. I think that’s silly, but I’m tired of arguing about the thermostat, so even in the middle of winter, I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt inside our home. That’s the only way I am comfortable. I would even turn heat off at night, and snuggle beneath the blankets, if necessary, but instead I barely even cover up with the sheet. My spouse, on the other hand, would sit while in front of a fire blazing in the fireplace, and be a comfortable as can be. I don’t know how he does it. And it’s even worse within the summer time. He hardly ever really wants to use the air conditioner, and I’d have the air conditioner running for hours, every day. When he’s not home, I blast the air conditioner wherever possible, and then he is aggravated when he gets home. I hope that one of these days, we will agree over the setting of the thermostat.