Standard a/c unit

My brother and I loved to take road trip.  Before we got married, we would go on weeklong road trips and check out the country.  It would have been so much easier and probably cheaper, if we had taken a train or a plane, but it was so much more fun, travelling together.  We made a lot of memories and we had some wild adventures.  We met some really interesting people, no matter where we were.  We use to leave the highway and go off onto the little trail roads.  Last year,  we were out in the back mountains, and we realized it was getting pretty late in the afternoon.  The sun was beginning to set, and we hadn’t had any dinner, yet.  We stopped at a little restaurant, and the first thing we noticed was that there wasn’t any air conditioning.  They had a small fan on the counter, sitting by a big bowl of ice.  I couldn’t believe how well it worked when it pointed at you.  I was curious about the air conditioning, and he said they didn’t get a lot of really hot summer weather, to want to pay for an expensive air conditioning system.  They were more interested in sticking with age old traditions.  They only had a wood burning furnace to keep the establishment warm in the winter.  He also told us that most of the buildings in this old town were heated and cooled in similar fashions.  The need for putting in ductwork and trying to fit HVAC systems into these old buildings would be way too expensive.  We had an amazing meal, and headed back to our air conditioned car, looking for the next small town.

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