Solving the issues in my master bedroom

I always assumed that I would need to tear down walls and get involved with a huge renovation project if I wanted to install a permanent heating and cooling system in my master bedroom. Since the room was an addition to the house, the existing ductwork doesn’t extend that far, and for several years, I managed comfort with a portable air conditioner and space heaters. This was very inconvenient and cumbersome. I didn’t like losing the view from my window to install the portable air conditioner, and I worried about the security risk of the open window. I needed to run an extension cord to operate the space heater, and I was constantly concerned about safety, and plus, this type of portable temperature control is ugly and not energy efficient. When I finally consulted with a professional HVAC contractor, he recommended that I install a ductless mini split system. I had never heard of such of thing but decided to look into in. A ductless mini split is a compact and versatile solution to year round temperature control, and the system is comprised of an outdoor unit and an indoor component that are linked by a conduit. The conduit requires a small hole in an exterior wall, and the ductless system operates on electricity. Since it is actually a small heat pump, it provides both heating and cooling capacity. I like that the indoor unit is attractive, streamlined and mounts up high on the wall, and I make adjustments to temperature through a cordless remote, and the system is able to heat up or cool down the space quickly.