Snow and the heater device

I am from down in the south and have always wanted to take a trip up to the Canadian countryside to see it firsthand. From what I have seen on the internet and in a few books it’s absolutely beautiful so I had to go and check it out. I just finished up college so I decided to take a couple or three weeks and do some travelling. I had some money saved and a pretty reliable car so why not give it a shot? Well there is one thing I learned about Canada is that it gets particularly frigid up here. It was in May when I first got up there and it was still frigid. I can only imagine what it’s might be appreciate during the dead of Winter season. Luckily my car was equipped with a good heater. It also has an air conditioning system, however there was no need to use that until my trip back. During my driving I would either AirBnB, stay at a cheap motel, or on option sleep in my car if need be. There were some deeply forested areas where I was pretty comfortable staying in my car as there were no people for miles around. The more than four motels I stayed at while in my trip were all garbage and lacked even basic heating or air conditioning for the matter. I didn’t particularly care though; I just used them to pass out resting in for a few hours before I headed back out on the road. I got to see a lot of amazing mountain ranges, elk, moose, and people who say the word “about” in a most unusual way. Overall it was a super time.

heater install