Smart thermostat app


               Who would ever suspect that marrying the love of your life could be such a nightmare sometimes? In the beginning it’s all lovey dovey and mushy, but when you move into together, you discover the little secrets about a person that you never had a clue about. My partner is the most nonchalant person I have ever known when it comes to finances. Since he paid for all the outings and treated me like a queen when we were dating, I didn’t realize any of this. Now that we are living in the same house, I am constantly wondering what is going through his head!

           The way he manages the utility bills is the worst thing of all. He is careless about turning the lights on and off but even more, is the usage of the central heat and air system. I regularly see him adjusting the thermostat to satisfy how he sees fit but not caring what I feel. He doesn’t even consider the weather outside when he turns on the heat or air. He just goes about his day and forgets to turn it off. It could be half a day before he remembers and I have to come home to either a freezing house or a scorching sauna. Recently, I confronted him about it but he said everything was just fine.

            I then took matters into my own hands by calling in the HVAC company to install a smart thermostat and the smart app onto my phone. Now I can save some money by monitoring the temperature and he won’t even know!