Smart HVAC or radiant HVAC?

Megan plus I decided to do some huge updates in our home. Megan and I are going to remodel the kitchen, repair the bedroom, plus add an addition to the back of our house.  Since the addition would make us to rework our heater plus a/c systems, Megan and I decided to replace the entire house’s heating plus a/c system. Megan and I figured it was perfect timing for this kind of swap out.  I have had a large hand in selecting the cupboards in the kitchen, tile flooring, plus several other ideal features of the fix up, so I did not think that I would play an active role in choosing a current heating plus ac system for our home.  I figured that would be one thing that Megan would deal with. It turned out to be a great update to our lake home plus I played a pretty good role in choosing our current heating plus a/c system. My Megan asked myself to be home when the Heating plus A/C consultant came by so that I could help her decide on the best system for us.  Megan and I were torn between radiant floors plus a smart temperature device. The heated floors would use some pieces below the floorboards to really transfer heated water throughout the house. It would rapidly plus effectively heat our home. The smart temperature control would use a wireless connection to connect to our iPhones. So which one do we get for the house?

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